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 Trackname ProjektnameLabelYear
 Making LoveParazideSuck me Plasma1992
 House is alive/ Making Love RemixParazideSuck me Plasma1992
 Little emotionParazideCollapse/ Zyx1994
 SatisfyRobinChaseRough Trade1995
 Feel so highTrackpowerMore Music Company1995
 HigherD-VisionFog Area Records1995
 Got to be HouseLords of HouseMore Music Company1995
 Song with the Dip Mike NeroWEA1995
 Bassboy Groove City IParadogs Rec.1995
 I can´t stop Groove City IIParadogs Rec.1996
 Can´t get enough Sam-X feat. Norma
Lost Paradise Rec.1996
 Back to the old school Derek AvariDrizzly Records1996
 Come with me Robin ChaseRough Trade1996
 I thank you House SyndicateG.I.B.-Music1996
 Don´t lose your magic Sonic DreamS + F1996
 Respect Total ImpactYaga Records1996
 Work your Body Lords of HouseSex Records1997
 The Rhythm Black NeroMusic Mail Rec.1997
 Opus 5/ California Digital DomainHot Groove Rec.1997
 New Force Global PlayersManifold Rec.1997
 Trance-Mission (Satisfy my love) Nero/ AvariEDM Rec.1997
 Into your mind Second DimensionMusic Mail1997
 Sexuality Gateway 2030Manifold Rec.1997
 I like Noises Global PlayersManifold Rec.1997
 The Magnificent Second DimensionMusic Mail1998
 The Message Global PlayersManifold Rec.1998
 Vision Code 38Manifold Rec.1998
 Hypertronic Freestyle HypertronicSony/ Dance Pool1998
 Gateway 2030Manifold Rec.1998
 Out of Control Global PlayersManifold Rec.1998
 Happy Dreams Global PlayersManifold Rec.1998
 The Beginning Nero/ AvariEDM Rec.1998
 So big Mike Nero ProjectMusic Mail Rec.1998
Go for itGroove CityPedo Beats1999
Feel itSecond DimensionBeatz only1999
Black SkyGlobal PlayersActive Sense Rec.1999
Make some noiseHigh ScoreFuture Sound1999
Time & SpaceDomainForesight/ DMD2000
HigherCode 42Manifold Rec.2000
Let the bass kickDerek Avari ProjectActive Sense Rec.2001
DangerousDerek Avari ProjectActive Sense Rec.2002
Feel alrightTake 2Sound of Now Music2002
Magic in your heartTranceloversSound of Now Music2003
BabeTake 2Sound of Now Music2002
MoonlightTake 2Sound of Now Music2003
Sweet Oriental DreamDerek Avari ProjectSound of Now Music2008
Making Love 2008 RemixParazideSound of Now Music2008
Sailing on the seaJason MashSound of Now Music2009
ProgressiveDerek AvariSound of Now Music2009
5 HoursPrime ProjectSound of Now Music2010
She got my HeartMash & AvariSound of Now Music2010
Thinking about youMash & AvariSound of Now Music2012
Break UpDerek AvariSound of Now Music2012
Would you own my heartDerek AvariSound of Now Music2013
Make me feel goodMash & AvariSound of Now Music2013
Trumpet FunkPrime ProjectSound of Now Music2013
Fire of Life (Avari &Mangione Mix)The Sky was RedElephants & Aliens Rec.2015
Feel AliveAvariElephants & Aliens Rec.2016
She got my Heart (Derek Avari Remix)Mash & AvariSound of Now Music2018