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Derek Avari was born at Moenchengladbach in Germany on the 11th August of 1966. His musical career began in the early ninetees. With the increasing success of the eletronical music styles like techno, acid, house and dance, his interest rose to produce music of his own.

Since that time he has released a large number of releases, licences for compilations and remixes for the dance-sector with many entries in dance charts. In the last years he started cooperations with the producers Jason Mash (Mash & Avari) and Grammy nominated producer Claudio Mangione (The Sky Was Red), but he also released several tracks as a solo artist.  Although his discography features tracks in many genres, his ambition is to produce fresh house music with a special flavor.

Apart from the work of a music producer he has been active in the label business for many years. Since 2008 he runs his label and publishing company (Sound of Now Music & Publishing), that supports, produces and manages young music talents.  At the end of  2015 Derek (and Claudio Mangione) established the label Elephants & Aliens Recordings (with the focus on House-Music).